How to Be Productive: 3 Essential Tips

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#1: Environment

“Motivation is overvalued and overrated, environment matters more” because “environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior.”

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  • Clean & Organized Workspace: When you have unorganized things, they can distract you. Small things like files that you need to put away, a dirty cup of coffee, a dusty desk, and many more. You can go from deep focus to “let me clean this real quick.” These things may seem small and harmless, but they can distract you and harm your productivity. Keeping a clean and organized workspace helps you make good decisions.
  • Cut Distractions: Stay away from things that distract you the most, such as your mobile device, notifications, the internet, or TV. Sometimes putting your mobile device on silent and in your pocket is not enough. Feeling your mobile device on your thigh can trigger you and send you a cue to check your phone. So, put your phone away, where you cannot see or feel it. Have the TV face the wall instead of your face, put your laptop notifications on ‘do not disturb,’ and close unrelated tabs on your browser. Know your cues and triggers that can distract you.

#2: Clarity

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#3: Energy

  1. Take tiny breaks: Studies have proven that small breaks increase employee’s creativity, productivity, and accuracy. Take a short walk, talk to your co-workers, have a bathroom or water break, or eat some healthy snacks. Breaks help you regain focus, attention, and energy.
  2. Release Tension, Set Intention: Brendon Burchard, in his book “High-Performance Habits,” suggested this quick-meditation technique. Do this exercise before you start each deep work session and after your breaks.

Release Tension:

Close your eyes for the next 1–3 minutes
Take deep breaths
Repeat the word “release” in your mind over and over
Release any tension on your body

Set Intention:

What energy do I want to bring into this next activity?
How can I do this next activity with excellence?
How can I enjoy the process?





Sharing personal growth tips and life experiences.

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Ivan Budihardjo

Ivan Budihardjo

Sharing personal growth tips and life experiences.

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